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Throughout this document VRI is used to represent Vacation Resorts International. At any point when VRI is used, it is referring to the staff and/or management of Vacation Resorts International. Other words commonly used to refer to VRI are us and we. Visitor is also used throughout the documentation, and is used to represent members or guests visiting the web site. Some services and policies refer to members of VRI only. In these events, members will be used to indicate that the policy refers to members only. You and your may be used to represent visitors or members throughout this documentation as well.

Privacy Policy

VRI is dedicated to the privacy of its visitors. VRI pledges not to release any information given to VRI by its visitors with the exceptions contained within these guidelines or otherwise specified at the time of collecting the information. These guidelines will cover all information gathered by Various third party links exist on the previously mentioned web sites, and VRI will accept no responsibility or make any claims for the policies of these third parties in regards to privacy or other actions. Please check with the specific site for their policies regarding privacy and informational use.

VRI will not sell or exchange information with other companies or organizations unless it is required to provide services requested by the visitor. VRI will not make available any personal information provided unless otherwise specified in these guidelines or we are granted permission by the visitor. VRI will take any means within our ability to ensure that personal information remains in control of VRI and the visitors.

What information VRI gathers and how: VRI gathers various personal information, including contact information, account information, billing information, access information and ownership information. VRI gathers most of this information at the start of the membership using means outside of our web sites. We have means to electronically update this information and collect additional information on our web sites. In addition we often collect information like suggestions and comments through the web site. Several services exist on both web sites that may request additional information that is required to provide the service a visitor requests. In the future, VRI may request personal preferences to improve the experience of visitors, this information may or may not be contained on VRI systems. VRI also collects statistical information from the sites to determine which areas need the most attention. Information gathered for statistical purposes may be used for additional reasons, but will always remain anonymous, and reflect the best interest of VRI and its members.

What VRI does with collected information: In most cases the information is used strictly by internal staff and affiliated companies to provide the service(s) requested by the visitor. No information is given to a third party unless the visitor is aware of it and agrees to the terms, or it was presented to the visitor prior to the visitor providing the information. Other information may be used to provide a service, with information being released to third parties or the general public. This information will be noted prior to the visitor accepting the service, and is always optional. These services include but are not limited to Marketplace and photo contests. Statistical information may be given to third parties with no specific personal information other than potential demographic information. This information will be given out only if it appears to be in the best interests for VRI and its members.

Cookies: Cookies are bits of data that are generated by the web site and stored locally on your machine. Cookies have been one of the biggest myths in the history of the internet. Cookies can only be accessed by the site they are designated for, or by local file access on your system. Cookies can only contain personal data that you have supplied to the web site or general information that the web site has designated for use in cookies. Cookies can only contain data, and cannot be used to search, or otherwise collect information from your personal computer. VRI uses cookies on our members site to ensure service. The only cookies currently implemented by VRI are "session cookies". These cookies are used solely to maintain data integrity and ease of use for our site and are in no way used to collect information or track a user's activities. VRI may incorporate other cookies on the site to improve services and visitor experience, and will do everything possible to ensure your privacy. If you would like more detailed information about cookies, and how VRI utilizes the technology behind cookies, feel free to contact

Child Information Protection: VRI does not knowingly accept or attempt to collect information from persons under the age of 13. We do not currently have any services geared towards children that would require their information. If at some future point we have services available to persons under the age of 13, their legal guardian must submit the information. All information gathered for such purposes will only be used for purposes that are explicitly specified on the service enrollment page or a linked page explaining terms and conditions of the service.

Security measures: VRI uses two means of data collection. The first is used throughout using standard web protocols and is not encrypted. The second method used to collect information utilized throughout most of is sent through SSL (Secure Socket Layer), this ensures that all information is encrypted and secure. VRI insists on using no less then 128-bit encryption in our secure areas to reduce the chances of the information being decrypted by a third party. Though this may be an inconvenience in rare cases, it is a necessary step to ensure that your personal information remains private. Our database and other systems are protected by various methods to ensure that your information remains safe. If you have questions or concerns about security please contact

Changes to this documentation: VRI reserves the right to modify, add to, or delete from any or all parts of our privacy policies without prior notice at any time. VRI pledges to always keep its members and visitors as our priority and will not change a policy unless we feel it is in their best interests.

Copyright Policy

Overview: To the best of our knowledge, VRI owns the rights to all content posted on but in some cases we do not have full controlling rights to the content. All information and images contained within these sites are governed by the following policies.

Information on resorts and VRI: Information about specific resorts, VRI policies, and VRI projects can be printed or otherwise duplicated for personal use. This information can be shared for personal purposes or purposes of informing others about VRI, a resort or events. This information must remain in its original form and can not be modified. Also, the information must be presented so that those viewing this information understand that it may have been updated since the information was originally duplicated. This information cannot be used for financial gain except if used to assist in selling properties managed or affiliated with VRI or the use is authorized directly by VRI corporate.

Linking to VRI: If you want to link to one of VRI's web sites or a page contained within a VRI web site, you may do so under the following guidelines:
  1. The site linking to VRI does not contain information that in any way slanders or presents a bad image of VRI.
  2. The site does not contain information or content that would not be considered child safe content.
  3. The site does not misrepresent affiliation with VRI and the site in question.
  4. The webmaster of the site accepts responsibility to ensure that all links to VRI are in working condition. Reports to VRI about a bad link will be referred back to the referring site. If a webmaster desires a report of when pages will be changed and a link may be broken they can email: There is no guarantee that you will be notified.

Images: VRI believes it owns the rights to all pictures posted on our web site. If these pictures were submitted to VRI via fraudulent methods, the person submitting these images will be held solely responsible. While some images are fully owned and controlled by VRI, some images are limited to use outside of VRI. Please contact to determine whether you may use an image for a given purpose. Images printed for informational purposes, please refer to information on resorts and VRI above.

Resort Maps: The detailed maps are linked to MapQuest and VRI contains no special privileges or control. The other set of maps located on each resort page are owned by VRI. All policies in regards to those maps are identical to other policies contained on this page.

Submitted Images: VRI retains full copyright to any images submitted by members to VRI for the photo contest or other purposes. The original members have full rights to these photos, and can submit them to other contests. VRI will not submit these images for purposes of a contest, direct financial gain, or other uses associated directly with awards. VRI may submit these photos to certain affiliates for purposes of advertisement and information. VRI will not release copyright privileges to parties or individuals outside of our affiliates for any images submitted by members without the member's consent. VRI will accept no responsibility for affiliates or third party use/misuse of photos.

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