VRI offers a wide variety of management programs and services to timeshare resorts, hotels, motels, and resort condominiums, administered through regional offices. Each region creates its own business development strategy to ensure more effective response to unique management needs within its geographic purview.

Local VRI staff provides each client with attentive, thoughtful counseling and advice and implements each client's decisions in accordance with the highest industry standards. VRI's staff consistently delivers concise and to-the-point recommendations regarding management programs that have a proven success record.

Management Systems and Procedures

Managing information effectively is the key to successful property management. VRI is committed to being a leader in the development of vacation ownership management services. Our proprietary software, System 9900, provides instant access to critical accounting information, and provides a superior administrative tool for a nationwide reservations and rental system, all front office tasks, night audit functions, and complete back office operations, such as city ledger, accounts payable and general ledgers, in addition to processing accounting, reservation, and resort administrative functions with ease.

System 9900 (TM) is a complete information and data processing system, which includes all necessary computer hardware, software, communications equipment, installation, training and support.

Financial Services

  • Bookkeeping, Budget Preparation, and Financial Reports. Reliable bookkeeping procedures, accurate budget projections, and comprehensive financial reporting ensure fiscal responsibility, giving the Board of Directors the ability to anticipate funding requirements and to properly plan for the future. VRI's Financial Services staff assists with preparation of the annual operating budget, and provides comprehensive recommendations and budget back-up to the Board of Directors.
  • Cash Management. VRI's Financial Services staff maintains continuous surveillance of cash investment alternatives, and advises the Board of Directors regarding prudent investment of Association funds in accounts which are FDIC insured or backed by the U.S. Government that yield the best possible rates.
  • Random Audits. VRI's accounting staff conducts unscheduled, random evaluations of the proper implementation of facilities and administrative programs of the resort.
  • Assessment Billing and Collecting ("ABC"). Using the proprietary System 9900, VRI administers assessment billing and collecting in accordance with the policy approved by each resort's Board of Directors. Funds are posted within 48 hours of receipt.

Operations Management

As one would expect from a company with over three decades of direct hospitality management experience, VRI has developed extensive policies and procedures to ensure a consistently high level of quality and service.

Quality Control

VRI has developed quality control systems that anticipate and quickly resolve all types of on-site issues, in compliance with OSHA guidelines.

Steps are also taken at each facility to ensure full compliance with the spirit and intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Reservations Service

Reservation management, from fixed and floating use, including split weeks, points, and vacation clubs to rentals and exchanges. VRI is able to meet the demands for all types of reservations over a wide range of calling times, currently handling over 500,000 reservations per year.

Owner Services

VRI staff listens to owners with genuine concern for their welfare. VRI has acquired an understanding of vacation programs and services that ensure owner happiness, satisfaction, and timely payment of ownership obligations.

National Consumer Vacation Rental Program

VRI offers a comprehensive national consumer vacation rental program for its client timeshare resorts. Services include a toll free reservation call center and a new high profile interactive web site

The call center is networked into the VRI System 9900 national network. is a system-wide travel guide that features detailed web pages for each VRI property.

VRI markets its national rental program through the Internet and selected high profile print media.

Funding, Investment and Credit Card Services

For both developers and associations, VRI can provide introductions to money sources for end-loan and interim financing on the sale of vacation intervals, as well as renovation funding. Additionally, VRI offers a cash management program and credit card collection services.


VRI currently offers sales and other brokerage services with performance standards agreed to with the Board of Directors.