About Owners Portal

Vacation Resorts International is pleased to provide real-time online reservations for owners at VRI-managed resorts. Our commitment is to deliver a simple, reliable, comprehensive online system that will enable you to manage your resort account.

This system allows for the availability of regular use, full-week on-line reservations. In addition, the system provides for the ability to manage account information and address changes, enhanced bill payment, access to resort-specific forms, use calendars and rental agreements.

To obtain access to all of your VRI accounts you must have an email address on file with us. If you do not have an email address on file, please call (866) 469-8222 to update your account(s).

How to Use Online Reservations and Account Management

Start by clicking on the 'My Account' option in the 'For Owners Only' screen or click the "Continue to Login Screen" link below.

  • Select 'New User' and create your personal online account by completing the login screen using your email address on file. (You set your own password and security question)
  • Once you log in, your Account Home page details all of your intervals at VRI-managed resorts. Intervals are grouped by your email address. If an interval does not appear in the list, please call 866-469-8222 and have your email added to the missing inventory.
  • Select an interval at any resort. You now have the opportunity to change your address and contact information and make a payment.
  • Select an interval at a resort that is active for online float reservations. In addition to the account management and payment features, you have the opportunity to make reservations in accordance with your resort booking policies.
  • Once you have selected the desired inventory, you will be prompted to confirm your selection within two minutes.
  • If you choose to confirm an available selection, your reservation confirmation will appear and you will automatically receive a confirmation by return email. Your reservation activity also appears on your online account page for the selected interval.

If you need any assistance while utilizing our new online system, please call (866) 469-8222.

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