For Owners Only

RCI Weeks


As an owner at a VRI managed resort and as a Member of RCI, you can exchange your Vacation Week for another exciting destination available through RCI. Your Exchange Vacation can be for a different date and location than the Vacation Week you own. Just follow these three steps. Remember, you don’t have to perform all three steps at the same time. Resort locations and dates are subject to availability.

1. Deposit

You can deposit from 2 years to 14 days before the start date of your Vacation Week. But the earlier you deposit, the higher your Trading Power – and the more opportunities you’ll have for a match when you’re ready to make an Exchange. Depositing is free, and you don’t have to know where or when you want to travel. You will be required to pay the maintenance fees for the resort where you own.

Do you own floating time?
If so, before calling RCI to make your deposit, contact your resort’s reservation center to obtain your Vacation Week assignment.

Ready to deposit your Vacation Week? Call RCI toll free at 1-877-VRI-3334 (1-877-874-3334). Or deposit online at Please have the following handy:

Whether you deposit online or by calling a Guide, you will receive written acknowledgement within 14 days that your Vacation Week has been deposited.

2. Request

Once you’ve deposited your Vacation Week, it’s time to start planning your Exchange Vacation. The sooner you make your request, the more opportunities we have to find a great match.

Tell us your top destinations, even if you’re not sure exactly where you want to go. If your plans change, you can update your request without penalty.

To request an Exchange, call RCI toll free at 1-877-VRI-3334 (1-877-874-3334) or visit Please tell us:

3. Confirm

An RCI Guide may be able to confirm your resort choice as soon as you request it. If the vacation you want isn’t available, ask your Guide to enter an ongoing search. Once a match for your request is found, you will be notified that your Exchange has been confirmed.

Withdrawing your deposit
Whether you deposit fixed or floating time, you may request a withdrawal of your deposit, provided that the following conditions apply:

All pricing, program information and availability are subject to change.

VRI Internal Exchange discounts and RCI products and services are available only to owners at VRI managed resorts which are also affiliated with RCI.

Applies to U.S., Canada and Caribbean residents only.