Management Services



We live in an information-based society, and the complexities of tracking the details of vacation ownership demand computerization. When Vacation Resorts International initiated management services for its first client, 36 years ago, no software system could be found that was specifically designed for vacation ownership management.

VRI was compelled to embark upon a path of internal (proprietary) software development, which continues to this day under Vacation Resorts International's banner, System 9900. With over 3 decades of vacation ownership management software development experience and a professional Information Technology Department which includes design, programming, installation, support and training experts, VRI delivers the most comprehensive and efficient vacation ownership management software system and services available within the industry.

Initially built upon a leading hotel management system, System 9900 not only handles the routine tasks of resort operations, it also offers extended functions in other unique areas where VRI now leads the industry. For example, in response to Developer and Board requests for more extensive owner information, VRI's IT staff developed an extremely sophisticated owner master file. In addition to the customary name, address, telephone number, inventory data and delinquent amount fields, the system permits infinite customization and an unequalled owner history of reservations, rentals, notes, comments, invoices and payments. A complete integrated collection module monitors billing activity using automatic letter writing, ticklers and even payment plans. System 9900 also offers a state-of-the-art rental system and vacation banking capabilities developed to address the needs of both fixed and float-type properties.

Vacation Resorts International can meet almost any data processing requirement of an Association, Developer and Management / Financial organization.